Cape Western – March 2023 Rally @ Onrus

Once again we were blessed with awesome weather, almost no rain and windy, but not like Millers 😉
We had 20 vans, 15 Cape Western members, 2 CCSA members & 3 visitors 🏕

Caron dished the fines like a pro & Mike O’Connor received the wooden spoon by default as he decided cycling was more important than passing the spoon on 🤪
Geoff & Teresa Jackson – 100th Regional

Congratulations, thank you for your support, have a Blessed & safe Easter.

CaravanSACape Western – March 2023 Rally @ Onrus
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Cape Western at Millers Point – February 2023 Rally

We were blessed with awesome weather with the wind coming up only on Saturday night into Sunday (sorry Jan & Lucile 🥲) 24 vans, 2 visitors – Christa Vos was our dreaded fines master & the wooden spoon landed with the married couple, Rodney & Gillian Cupido – we even had a wedding “gate crash” our camp.

Thank you for your support on Saturday with our fish braai, unable to do without your support❣
Peter & Vivienne Abrahams – 50th National
Caron & Owen Daniell, Sharon & Gary Hirst – 75th National🏅
Congratulations 🎊

Next month is a long 4 night weekend @ Onrus & will post details soon 😊

CaravanSACape Western at Millers Point – February 2023 Rally
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