Provincial Rally: Embracing Community and Adventure in Muizenberg


Date: 8th September 2023 to 10th September 2023

Location: Zandvlei Caravan Park, Muizenberg


  • CCSA Atlantic Region
  • CCSA Boland Region
  • CCSA Disa Region
  • CCSA Cape Western Region
  • CCSA Good Hope Region
  • CCSA Tafelbaai Region
  • CCSA Tygerberg Region

Friday, 8th September 2023:

Arrival and Setup: Upon arrival in the historical, picturesque town of Muizenberg, the 74 caravans found their sites and settled in with a beautiful view of the Muizenberg Mountain on lush green sites and the sounds of the ocean as “background music”.  The weather could not have been more perfect for a camping weekend with no wind and a beautiful sunny day, little did we know what was to follow!

Dinner and Refreshments: The responsibility to feed the approximate 170 campers lay in the hands of the CCSA Atlantic and CCSA Cape Western Regions and they really pulled out all the stops to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome.  Tables brimming with snacks and welcome drinks were enjoyed while friends reconnected, and strangers became friends all with the common interest of camping and enjoying exploring the outdoors.    Delicious Joey’s boerewors rolls were served to the campers with some lingering to cement relationships over a delightful meal.

Evening Events: With full tummies and smiles on their faces, the campers returned to their respective regions to enjoy the balance of the evening with fellow members.  In bed, safely tucked away in their caravans, the sounds of other campers laughing and chatting lulled the campers to a blissful sleep, the end to a perfect evening.

Saturday, 9th September 2023:

Brunch: Saturday morning began with the soothing sounds of birds chirping and the smell of fresh coffee brewing.  Threatening clouds on the horizon did nothing to deter the spirit of the CCSA Boland and CCSA Disa Regions getting up early to start preparing a delicious brunch for all the regions.  The smell of onions and bacon frying permeated the air, inviting campers for a closer inspection of what was on the flames.  A colourful table stacked with a choice of fruit from Apples, Bananas, Berries, Pineapple, Grapes welcomed the campers at 11h00 where they were treated to a choice of fresh bread, cheese, jam, savoury mince, bacon, and the most deliciously moist scrambled eggs.  Newfound friendships were cemented over brunch and the camaraderie was felt by all.

Afternoon Activities: CCSA Tygerberg Region arranged a Boeresport afternoon to entertain and challenge campers which was well received by the regions and lots of fun and laughter with some serious competition amongst the regions. Other campers took this time to explore the historic Muizenberg where they were greeted by streets lined with refreshments on offer.  The weather had changed with rain and wind descending on the town, but this did not deter surfers from taking to the water to surf the waves.  Muizenberg has beautiful white beaches dotted with bright Beach Huts adding to the seaside atmosphere.

Campfire Stories: Saturday night was filled with laughter and camaraderie around the campfires in the midst of a real “Cape of Storms” which really lived up to her name.  Extra storms straps were added to tents and tent pegs which had been pulled out of the soft grass by gusts of wind were once again secured and with trepidation campers retired with the storm lashing their caravans and tents.  Some members, wisely chose to pack up when there was a break in the weather, some had left to the safety of their bricks and mortar while others took to their caravans to brave the storm unleashing its full force on the vulnerable caravans and tents.

Sunday, 10th September 2023:

Pack Up and Farewell: Sunday morning members awoke and got up in trepidation to inspect their rigs to see if the storm had inflicted any damage.  There were a few minor incidents but for the most, the caravans and tents were triumphant against the “Cape of Storms”.  With a break in the weather campers started packing up, assisting one another.  This is what camping within a Region is all about, there is always a helping hand around if you need one.

Chairmans Tea: CCSA Good Hope, CCSA Tafelbaai and CCSA Tygerberg were responsible for providing refreshments at the Chairman’s Tea after a wonderful message of thanks and gratitude was delivered by Lorna.  Raffle winners were announced, and awards were handed out as the heavens opened with a downpour that didn’t cease.  Our weekend caravanning trip to Zandvlei Campsite a memorable experience. It reminded us of the importance of connecting with nature and spending quality time with friends.

In conclusion, this weekend Rally was a perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, recharge our spirits and spend time with likeminded people who enjoy the outdoors and experiencing different campsites in the beautiful Western Cape.

CCSA Boland Regions next adventure is a Stargazing Tour to the legendary town of Sutherland from the 21st to 26th September 2023 where we will be creating more cherished memories together.

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