CCSA Boland Region Chairman’s Report – Boland Streek Voorsittersverslag

26th May to 28th May 2023 – GOUDINI SPA

CCSA Boland Region Chairman’s Report – Boland Streek Voorsittersverslag

The weekend started early for some campers who arrived at Goudini Spa in torrential rain on Thursday 25th May 2023 and forced them to dine in the restaurant as cooking outside was near impossible and we believe what happens at Koswerf, stays at Koswerf 😉, the question remains – do we really want to know because a picture is worth a thousand words!

The balance of the 25 Boland Caravans including a few guests and Kevin & Lynn Trollip from Good Hope Region arrived to a beautiful Autumn Day on Friday albeit being bitterly cold at night due to a generous amount of snow on the Matroosberg Mountains making its presence felt after dark.

Saturday campers awoke to another beautiful Autumn Day after another freezing cold night but that did not stop the campfires from burning bright and the hum of the generator was a welcome sound to ensure that no load shedding stages were even considered for the whole weekend.  Campers, young and not so young, took full advantage of the outside and inside hot pools way into the night despite the icy cold weather after dark as well as the Supertube and Putt Putt course.  The Stormers Fans were out in full force watching the game at the campsite, but the score definitely disappointed even the most loyal supporter!

Sunday morning Chairman’s meeting in gorgeous weather with lots of delicious snacks provided by the members were thoroughly enjoyed.  Theuns had sent his apologies as he and Teresa were enjoying their trip to the Kruger National Park which had been booked and highly anticipated for a few years.  Wally, as Acting Vice Chairman led the meeting and Sue brought the message and a prayer.  Quite a few hammers were handed out with Gavin and Natalie being the first to receive a hammer for their “scientific experiment” of Chairman’s snacks from their last camp at Skurwekop being discovered in their microwave a month after camping!  David & Merle van Bosch celebrated their wedding anniversary, we wished them many more happy years together 🍾🥂

Die kollekte is gehou ten bate van Alta du Toit Nasorgsentrum en het ‘n bedrag van R725 opgelewer, baie dankie aan al die lede vir hulle bydrae.

Die looitjies het ‘n bedrag van R910 opgelewer.  Die eerste prys is geborg deur Alan & Leonie Jones, ‘n handige buitelig, wat gewen is deur een van ons gaste.  Second and third prizes were two Danie’s Sauce Hampers with their delicious spices, sauces, and flavoured butters and these were won by Ben Pienaar and Barry James who were delighted with their prize.  A last-minute raffle ticket purchase saw Warren King walking off with 4th place, a large bag of Karringmelkbeskuit, much to his delight.

The next rally will be from 16th – 18th June 2023, a long weekend camp at Doringlaagte, Montagu where you are able to arrange for a wood burning Hot Tub delivered to your campsite for the weekend. Looking forward to seeing you all again.




CaravanSACCSA Boland Region Chairman’s Report – Boland Streek Voorsittersverslag