Atlantic’s blood is Green and Gold

A historical and memorable camping weekend filled with birthday celebrations and rugby history for 13 of our members and 2 visitors is what was in store in Porterville.

This past week leading up to our weekend at 22 Waterfalls felt like it was the longest week of the month, considering it had been 6 weeks since we last spent time together at the provincial rally at Zandvlei.

Catch-ups and long overdue kuiering was the order of the evening.

We celebrated one of our junior campers birthday on Friday evening at sign in with some extra special treats but the week and long drive got the better of most of our members who retired earlier than usual after watching the bronze final.

Our die hard fire crew were out in full swing burning bags of wood as only they know best, catching up and enjoying the excitement (and anxiety) for what was to come on Saturday evening.

Our committee treated our members to a delicious English breakfast served with French toast on Saturday morning to set off the celebrations of the day.

Saturday afternoon was packed with fun activities, including piñata fun, a scavenger hunt, and a Green and Gold supporters afternoon which detailed our best dressed Bok supporters and afternoon druk ‘n drie with snacks which included Franco MELKtert, Siya COLA-si, CHIPlin Kolbe, Damian WURMse and Frans MARSHerbe.

As avid rugby fans, the afternoon was dedicated to supporting the Bokke and our campsite was transformed into a sea of green and gold as everyone proudly donned their Springbok apparel.

However, the highlight of the weekend was undoubtedly the rugby match, where South Africa made history by retaining the World Cup title. If there was ever a time to see grown men cry, it was when the final whistle blew.

The Bokke faced a formidable opponent, but the atmosphere was filled with hope and anticipation. As the match unfolded, tension gripped the campsite. Cheers and groans echoed for what felt like the longest 80 minutes.

The Springboks without a doubt contributed to hypertension being the main concern of the weekend.

The celebrations continued long into the night, with tears of joy, singing, and plenty of laughter and bottles clinking and cheers being heard near and far.

This camping trip was a perfect blend of celebration, fun, and sportsmanship, leaving everyone with cherished memories that will be treasured for years to come.

The weather (Sunday’s howling wind) and signal reception at 22 Waterfalls were the only downsides to the weekend but an enjoyable weekend was had regardless and we’re looking forward to Die Hut in 3 weeks time to get again make memories one camp site at a time.

CaravanSAAtlantic’s blood is Green and Gold