Christmas Rally – 1st to 3rd December 2023

Perfect weather, Lush Green Lawns, Abundant Foliage, Marquee Tent, Delicious Food, Great Company, Popular Campsite, what more could we asked for? Nothing! The weekend was absolute perfection!

Members took full advantage of the perfect weather conditions and proximity to home at Bergriver Resort to make this final Rally for 2023, a long weekend, arriving as early as the Wednesday and some even extending their stay to include Monday.

Once all the members and their guests had settled down on Friday, the very popular “Build a Burger” event saw delicious Joey’s hamburger patties on the flames while the ladies, chopped, washed, and sliced the accompaniments including a festive, juicy fruit table, dinner for the night, done.  Then, it was story time – a bit apprehensive at first but once the ice had been broken, lots of childhood memories, camping memories, etc. ended an awesome evening when everyone retreated to their caravans with smiles on their faces, content.

The main event, a Spit Braai was held on Saturday evening with a snack table to tantalise the tastebuds of young and old before the main meal was served and then completed with a melt in the mouth Chocolate Brownie and a choice of strawberry or chocolate ice cream.  Campers decorated their tables in true Christmas fashion and the Marquee Tent was abuzz with stories, laughter and the sound of children playing.  Much to the delight of the children, and the not so young children wanting to impress, Father Christmas arrived with treats in hand. After dinner members and their guests lingered under the Marquee Tent getting to know each other and spending quality time with each other for the last time in 2023.

Sunday morning Chairman’s Meeting is always a feature of the Rally where members supply their signature snack for all to enjoy.  The Full House Award was handed to the Chairman, Andrew and Corrie Potgieter for attending 12 rallies for the year and Wally and Sue received their 30 Regional Rally plaque.

It was difficult to say goodbye but memories of a successful 2023 for CCSA Boland Region promises that 2024 is going to be bigger and better with new members joining our Region, new campsites to discover, revisiting favourite campsites again and another tour in August 2024 to look forward to.

Wishing all our members and the guests who have joined us in 2023 and their families a blessed festive season and a prosperous 2024 with exciting camping trip to look forward to.

CaravanSAChristmas Rally – 1st to 3rd December 2023
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Hollandsche Molen – 17th to 19th November 2023

November 2023 Rally

Hollandsche Molen
17th to 19th November 2023

A firm favourite campsite saw half the group arrive on Thursday to take full advantage of the offering at Hollandsche Molen.

The balance of the 20 caravans arrived on Friday with 5 sets of guests accompanying the members for a weekend of relaxation, togetherness and fun, fun, fun.

Children took to their bicycles, swimming costumes and the trampolines – not a device in sight!

Away from social media, they were thrust into nature, human interactions as well as physical socializing with friends and fellow campers young and old, without protest but definitely with smiles on their faces.

CCSA Boland Region is blessed with remarkable members, our eldest member, our very own Wally Townsend at 78 years of age, is a testament that you are never too old to camp 🏕️

Another of our oldest and dear members, Leonie Jones, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cervical Cancer, 2 years and 8 months ago and we received the remarkable news on Sunday that, after a battle bravely born, Leonie Jones is now in remission 🙏🏻

Alan and Leonie very seldom miss a camp and even during her treatment Leonie would join Alan on a Saturday afternoon. Camping is clearly in their blood.

Camping is a place where young meet old and the old keep young.

At CCSA Boland Region, we are family 💕

CaravanSAHollandsche Molen – 17th to 19th November 2023
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Atlantic’s blood is Green and Gold

A historical and memorable camping weekend filled with birthday celebrations and rugby history for 13 of our members and 2 visitors is what was in store in Porterville.

This past week leading up to our weekend at 22 Waterfalls felt like it was the longest week of the month, considering it had been 6 weeks since we last spent time together at the provincial rally at Zandvlei.

Catch-ups and long overdue kuiering was the order of the evening.

We celebrated one of our junior campers birthday on Friday evening at sign in with some extra special treats but the week and long drive got the better of most of our members who retired earlier than usual after watching the bronze final.

Our die hard fire crew were out in full swing burning bags of wood as only they know best, catching up and enjoying the excitement (and anxiety) for what was to come on Saturday evening.

Our committee treated our members to a delicious English breakfast served with French toast on Saturday morning to set off the celebrations of the day.

Saturday afternoon was packed with fun activities, including piñata fun, a scavenger hunt, and a Green and Gold supporters afternoon which detailed our best dressed Bok supporters and afternoon druk ‘n drie with snacks which included Franco MELKtert, Siya COLA-si, CHIPlin Kolbe, Damian WURMse and Frans MARSHerbe.

As avid rugby fans, the afternoon was dedicated to supporting the Bokke and our campsite was transformed into a sea of green and gold as everyone proudly donned their Springbok apparel.

However, the highlight of the weekend was undoubtedly the rugby match, where South Africa made history by retaining the World Cup title. If there was ever a time to see grown men cry, it was when the final whistle blew.

The Bokke faced a formidable opponent, but the atmosphere was filled with hope and anticipation. As the match unfolded, tension gripped the campsite. Cheers and groans echoed for what felt like the longest 80 minutes.

The Springboks without a doubt contributed to hypertension being the main concern of the weekend.

The celebrations continued long into the night, with tears of joy, singing, and plenty of laughter and bottles clinking and cheers being heard near and far.

This camping trip was a perfect blend of celebration, fun, and sportsmanship, leaving everyone with cherished memories that will be treasured for years to come.

The weather (Sunday’s howling wind) and signal reception at 22 Waterfalls were the only downsides to the weekend but an enjoyable weekend was had regardless and we’re looking forward to Die Hut in 3 weeks time to get again make memories one camp site at a time.

CaravanSAAtlantic’s blood is Green and Gold
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Stargazing Tour to Sutherland in September 2023

The highly anticipated departure for the Stargazing Tour to Sutherland had eventually arrived on a wet Thursday morning in Cape Town. The rain did nothing to dampen the spirits of the 11 Caravans who enthusiastically braved the wet road with smiles on their faces and an air of anticipation for the next few days.

Members were travelling from different suburbs and most of the party merged on the N1 just before Touwsriver where it was decided to fuel before heading off to the first stop, the historic town of Matjiesfontein.

Please find the report on our Stargazing Tour to Sutherland in September 2023 below. Click through the image gallery or download the pdf on the link below.

Click to Download the Stargazing Tour to Sutherland – September 2023

CaravanSAStargazing Tour to Sutherland in September 2023
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Provincial Rally: Embracing Community and Adventure in Muizenberg


Date: 8th September 2023 to 10th September 2023

Location: Zandvlei Caravan Park, Muizenberg


  • CCSA Atlantic Region
  • CCSA Boland Region
  • CCSA Disa Region
  • CCSA Cape Western Region
  • CCSA Good Hope Region
  • CCSA Tafelbaai Region
  • CCSA Tygerberg Region

Friday, 8th September 2023:

Arrival and Setup: Upon arrival in the historical, picturesque town of Muizenberg, the 74 caravans found their sites and settled in with a beautiful view of the Muizenberg Mountain on lush green sites and the sounds of the ocean as “background music”.  The weather could not have been more perfect for a camping weekend with no wind and a beautiful sunny day, little did we know what was to follow!

Dinner and Refreshments: The responsibility to feed the approximate 170 campers lay in the hands of the CCSA Atlantic and CCSA Cape Western Regions and they really pulled out all the stops to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome.  Tables brimming with snacks and welcome drinks were enjoyed while friends reconnected, and strangers became friends all with the common interest of camping and enjoying exploring the outdoors.    Delicious Joey’s boerewors rolls were served to the campers with some lingering to cement relationships over a delightful meal.

Evening Events: With full tummies and smiles on their faces, the campers returned to their respective regions to enjoy the balance of the evening with fellow members.  In bed, safely tucked away in their caravans, the sounds of other campers laughing and chatting lulled the campers to a blissful sleep, the end to a perfect evening.

Saturday, 9th September 2023:

Brunch: Saturday morning began with the soothing sounds of birds chirping and the smell of fresh coffee brewing.  Threatening clouds on the horizon did nothing to deter the spirit of the CCSA Boland and CCSA Disa Regions getting up early to start preparing a delicious brunch for all the regions.  The smell of onions and bacon frying permeated the air, inviting campers for a closer inspection of what was on the flames.  A colourful table stacked with a choice of fruit from Apples, Bananas, Berries, Pineapple, Grapes welcomed the campers at 11h00 where they were treated to a choice of fresh bread, cheese, jam, savoury mince, bacon, and the most deliciously moist scrambled eggs.  Newfound friendships were cemented over brunch and the camaraderie was felt by all.

Afternoon Activities: CCSA Tygerberg Region arranged a Boeresport afternoon to entertain and challenge campers which was well received by the regions and lots of fun and laughter with some serious competition amongst the regions. Other campers took this time to explore the historic Muizenberg where they were greeted by streets lined with refreshments on offer.  The weather had changed with rain and wind descending on the town, but this did not deter surfers from taking to the water to surf the waves.  Muizenberg has beautiful white beaches dotted with bright Beach Huts adding to the seaside atmosphere.

Campfire Stories: Saturday night was filled with laughter and camaraderie around the campfires in the midst of a real “Cape of Storms” which really lived up to her name.  Extra storms straps were added to tents and tent pegs which had been pulled out of the soft grass by gusts of wind were once again secured and with trepidation campers retired with the storm lashing their caravans and tents.  Some members, wisely chose to pack up when there was a break in the weather, some had left to the safety of their bricks and mortar while others took to their caravans to brave the storm unleashing its full force on the vulnerable caravans and tents.

Sunday, 10th September 2023:

Pack Up and Farewell: Sunday morning members awoke and got up in trepidation to inspect their rigs to see if the storm had inflicted any damage.  There were a few minor incidents but for the most, the caravans and tents were triumphant against the “Cape of Storms”.  With a break in the weather campers started packing up, assisting one another.  This is what camping within a Region is all about, there is always a helping hand around if you need one.

Chairmans Tea: CCSA Good Hope, CCSA Tafelbaai and CCSA Tygerberg were responsible for providing refreshments at the Chairman’s Tea after a wonderful message of thanks and gratitude was delivered by Lorna.  Raffle winners were announced, and awards were handed out as the heavens opened with a downpour that didn’t cease.  Our weekend caravanning trip to Zandvlei Campsite a memorable experience. It reminded us of the importance of connecting with nature and spending quality time with friends.

In conclusion, this weekend Rally was a perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, recharge our spirits and spend time with likeminded people who enjoy the outdoors and experiencing different campsites in the beautiful Western Cape.

CCSA Boland Regions next adventure is a Stargazing Tour to the legendary town of Sutherland from the 21st to 26th September 2023 where we will be creating more cherished memories together.

CaravanSAProvincial Rally: Embracing Community and Adventure in Muizenberg
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Atlantic Region Retreat: Rain or Shine, We Celebrate Milestones

As Atlantic Region rolled into Die Watergat on Friday 28th July 2023, so did the bad weather. The rain had no intention of letting up but be that as it may it was not going to spoil our extra special weekend.

Sign-in took place as usual, followed by an assortment of the most delicious curries, which were enjoyed under the big, covered Lapa area with everyone sitting down together at the long table to enjoy the meal. We took the opportunity to wish Robin again on his very special Milestone Birthday. After dinner the ladies took over the Lapa area and the double twelves came out and it was game on, our very industrious gentlemen managed to light the most wonderful fires and those not participating in the double twelve showdown got warm and comfortable under a huge Gazebo that quite comfortably accommodated all of us. The rain continued, but our in-house DJs kept the party going with the most enjoyable tunes, that turned out into sing-alongs enjoyed by all.

Saturday rolled around with the weather not changing much. We cancelled our planned walk around the park due to this, but in true Atlantic style we just got on with our weekend. Saturday afternoon “the baby Fester” baby-shower was hosted. The Gazebo was turned into a sea of blue balloons and of course the cake table was laid out to perfection. The gentlemen were invited to join in on the festivities and going forward I think they will all be putting up their hands to attend a baby-shower as they had a great time, as did the ladies, playing games, testing our knowledge regarding nursery rhymes and baby items, and of course pushing our performing skills to the limits. After the baby shower everyone was ready for rugby, fires lit again, dinner cooked, DJs back in the house, and before we knew it, it was time for Chairmans on Sunday.

The campsite is situated on a working farm and boasts the most beautiful view of vineyards and mountains. Easily accessible the site has 20 electrical points, braai facilities, swimming pool and WIFI, generator that kicks in during loadshedding. The Lapa area has a kitchen with two fridges, washing up area and seating. The ablutions consist of 2 bathrooms with a shower, basin, and toilet as well as another separate toilet. The only problem encountered on our weekend was the lack of hot water in the showers, apparently the gas ran out??? Our only gripe!!!!!!

Not the pouring rain nor the lack of hot water in the showers could ruin our weekend away. Our 12 families and 1 visiting family all enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

The weekend was made more memorable by the fact that we got to celebrate Robin’s extra special birthday and of course the baby shower as we await the arrival of precious baby Fester.

CaravanSAAtlantic Region Retreat: Rain or Shine, We Celebrate Milestones
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JULY 2023 RALLY: An Adventurous Caravan Club Get-Together at Ou Skip, Melkbosstrand


Ever wondered wat it would be like to belong to a Caravan Club? This is what it is all about!

The much-anticipated July 2023 Rally and Annual General Meeting at Ou Skip in Melkbosstrand arrived with a severe weather warning! This did not deter the seasoned winter campers who set off, some arriving on Thursday while the balance followed and parked their caravans on Friday. 12 caravans in total including Danie and Malinda with their new “home away from home”

The planned Build a Burger for dinner on Friday night saw Hamburger Patties being air and pan fried after the heavens opened at 17h00 and rain came down unabated all night which meant that no fires could be lit.

A well-attended Annual General Meeting with members who did not camp for the weekend attending the meeting with their “High Tea” Lunch refreshments in hand.

The Committee awarded Natalie Winterbach-Pridgeon, CCSA Boland Region Camper of the Year Award with Sue Townsend, the Runner Up and thanked them for their hard work and dedication over the past year. The Dick Soine – the Grape Vine (The Hammer of the Year) was awarded to Gavin Pridgeon for his antics at rallies.

A special thanks went to Sue Townsend for her contribution to the Region as Secretary, a position which she was stepping down from after many years.

The CCSA Boland Regions new Committee and Assistants were announced as follows:-
Chairman – Andrew Potgieter
Vice Chairman and Smous – Gavin Pridgeon
Rally Convener – Natalie Winterbach-Pridgeon
Secretary – Enid Swart
Assistants – Danie Theron & Antoinette Slater

Saturday afternoon was at leisure with fully tummies from the lovely eats that were supplied by the members and then everyone was ready for action. The Springboks didn’t disappoint while everyone donned their warm jackets and beanies to show their support for the Boks. Fires were lit and food was once again enjoyed by all.
CCSA Boland Region are off on another tour in August 2023 up the West Coast to view the flowers which, after all the rain that has fallen, promises to be a showy affair!
Watch the space and travel along with us for 10 days up the West Coast of Cape Town, it promises to be fun!

CaravanSAJULY 2023 RALLY: An Adventurous Caravan Club Get-Together at Ou Skip, Melkbosstrand
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Rally Report from Imhoff this weekend 🪁

We were blessed with good weather (not as bad as Level 6 warnings) 17 vans, 16 Cape Western & 1 visitor.

We have new members, welcome Barend & Sonya du Toit 🥂

Our esteemed fines master, Mickey Snyman, finished all our guilty badge stock 😳

Our wooden spoon was well deserved to our new member, Sonya du Toit 😉 which makes me wonder what happens to people when they watch rugby at camp site 🤔🏉

Our next rally is at Ou Skip and the rally in December as per rally fixture list is 8-10 December, BUT PLEASE NOTE IS NOW 1-3 DECEMBER AT HOLLANDSE MOLEN 🏕🎅

We are having t-shirts printed for Provincial Rally and our model who was trying to show you the print, needs modelling lessons, but more about that later 🙄

Sick bay & praying for you : 

  • Uncle Geoff
  • Oom Dirk
  • Roderick Wadeley

and for those who remember A3, he’s also not well 😷
Barend du Toit is having an operation tomorrow, again, prayers for everyone 🙏❣

I can’t think of anything else right now, stay warm, be safe & look forward to seeing you 25-27 August at Ou Skip for the AGM 🥂🙏😘

Charlene Abrams

CaravanSARally Report from Imhoff this weekend 🪁
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CCSA Boland Region Chairman’s Report – Boland Streek Voorsittersverslag

26th May to 28th May 2023 – GOUDINI SPA

CCSA Boland Region Chairman’s Report – Boland Streek Voorsittersverslag

The weekend started early for some campers who arrived at Goudini Spa in torrential rain on Thursday 25th May 2023 and forced them to dine in the restaurant as cooking outside was near impossible and we believe what happens at Koswerf, stays at Koswerf 😉, the question remains – do we really want to know because a picture is worth a thousand words!

The balance of the 25 Boland Caravans including a few guests and Kevin & Lynn Trollip from Good Hope Region arrived to a beautiful Autumn Day on Friday albeit being bitterly cold at night due to a generous amount of snow on the Matroosberg Mountains making its presence felt after dark.

Saturday campers awoke to another beautiful Autumn Day after another freezing cold night but that did not stop the campfires from burning bright and the hum of the generator was a welcome sound to ensure that no load shedding stages were even considered for the whole weekend.  Campers, young and not so young, took full advantage of the outside and inside hot pools way into the night despite the icy cold weather after dark as well as the Supertube and Putt Putt course.  The Stormers Fans were out in full force watching the game at the campsite, but the score definitely disappointed even the most loyal supporter!

Sunday morning Chairman’s meeting in gorgeous weather with lots of delicious snacks provided by the members were thoroughly enjoyed.  Theuns had sent his apologies as he and Teresa were enjoying their trip to the Kruger National Park which had been booked and highly anticipated for a few years.  Wally, as Acting Vice Chairman led the meeting and Sue brought the message and a prayer.  Quite a few hammers were handed out with Gavin and Natalie being the first to receive a hammer for their “scientific experiment” of Chairman’s snacks from their last camp at Skurwekop being discovered in their microwave a month after camping!  David & Merle van Bosch celebrated their wedding anniversary, we wished them many more happy years together 🍾🥂

Die kollekte is gehou ten bate van Alta du Toit Nasorgsentrum en het ‘n bedrag van R725 opgelewer, baie dankie aan al die lede vir hulle bydrae.

Die looitjies het ‘n bedrag van R910 opgelewer.  Die eerste prys is geborg deur Alan & Leonie Jones, ‘n handige buitelig, wat gewen is deur een van ons gaste.  Second and third prizes were two Danie’s Sauce Hampers with their delicious spices, sauces, and flavoured butters and these were won by Ben Pienaar and Barry James who were delighted with their prize.  A last-minute raffle ticket purchase saw Warren King walking off with 4th place, a large bag of Karringmelkbeskuit, much to his delight.

The next rally will be from 16th – 18th June 2023, a long weekend camp at Doringlaagte, Montagu where you are able to arrange for a wood burning Hot Tub delivered to your campsite for the weekend. Looking forward to seeing you all again.




CaravanSACCSA Boland Region Chairman’s Report – Boland Streek Voorsittersverslag
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Exploring the Serene Skurwekop: Tales from the April 2023 Rally

26th April to 1st May 2023

Only 8 members joined the April 2023 Rally at the breathtakingly serene Skurwekop with some arriving on Thursday, Friday and the last member who arrived on Saturday. Beautiful autumn days with cold nights saw everyone huddled around the fire at night with the necessary “coals in a dog bowl” heaters under the ladies’ chairs. Some even took these “heaters” to cook their potatoes in foil.

There was absolutely no shortage of good food either – a juicy bring and braai on Thursday and Friday nights and once everyone had settled into their homes away from home, the blissful togetherness was complimented by the beautiful location.

Saturday was an early get together and Marie Enslin delighted the campers with a delectable snack platter. A delicious pulled pork potjie with an al dente vegetable pot supplied by Andrew and Corrie was served accompanied by rice and Alta Esterhuyse’s famous pumpkin fritters.

Sunday for lunch was “Build a Burger” with Joey’s hamburger patties winning all the way, caramelised onions, creamy mushroom sauce, pepper sauce, cheese, lettuce, and tomato were on offer to build a burger of your preference. Pudding was left over snacks from the Chairman’s Tea in the morning so nobody could complain that they went to bed with empty tummies.

Two members had to make their way home after lunch on Sunday, so the evening dinner was the left over potjies which tasted even better than on Saturday, if that was at all possible because by all counts it was absolutely scrumptious.

Long walks through the naartjie orchards, wine tasting, visiting the little shop which only opened once the bell had rung kept the campers occupied during this very memorable weekend that sadly came to an end on a beautiful Monday where the balance of the campers made their way home with a happy heart and memories that would last a lifetime – that is what camping is all about especially if you camp with one of the regions of CCSA.

CaravanSAExploring the Serene Skurwekop: Tales from the April 2023 Rally
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