March 2023

Millers April Rally 2023

Wolvenberg May Rally 2023

Kardoesie June Rally 2023

22 Waterfalls October Rally 2023

Die Hut November Rally 2023

Kardoesie December Rally 2023

Atlantic February Rally 2024

The Atlantic region is swiftly establishing itself, and its members are relishing their camping activities as though the region has existed for numerous years. Our inaugural Annual General Meeting (AGM) gathered substantial support from our members, along with the success of our initial fundraising endeavor.

Reservations for the upcoming year, 2024, are currently in progress and are expected to be concluded shortly. One of our goals is to collaborate on camping trips with other region, aiming to nurture relationships and foster camaraderie. The committee is scheduled to meet to discuss and strategically plan our future course.

The Atlantic newsletter serves as a valuable source of information on past and upcoming events. Soon, we’ll be introducing assorted informative articles of interest. These pieces will cover topics like camping, towing, equipment, recommended destinations, and points of relevance to the camping community. You’re invited to enhance this experience by contributing your own writing or referring to relevant articles.

Excitement grows for our upcoming camps, even though it’s tinged with a mix of emotions as the weather warms and fires become less frequent. There’s something undeniably special about creating the best camping memories around a crackling fire –or perhaps that’s just the adventurous spirit within me.


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    Latest News

    Atlantic’s blood is Green and Gold

    A historical and memorable camping weekend filled with birthday celebrations and rugby history for 13 of our members and 2 visitors is what was in store in Porterville. This past week leading up to our weekend at 22 Waterfalls felt like it was the longest week of the month, considering it had been 6 weeks

    Atlantic Region Retreat: Rain or Shine, We Celebrate Milestones

    As Atlantic Region rolled into Die Watergat on Friday 28th July 2023, so did the bad weather. The rain had no intention of letting up but be that as it may it was not going to spoil our extra special weekend. Sign-in took place as usual, followed by an assortment of the most delicious curries,

    Die Hut: A Weekend of Friendship, Fun, and Planning for the Next Adventure

    Our first official rally was amazing! What a feeling of friendship and camaraderie. We arrived at Die Hut at 14h00 on Friday, to our surprise we were the last to arrive. The Green family marshalled and entertained us with a lovely spread. There was much excitement when we opened our gift from CCSA, badges and


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