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Good Hope Region is affiliated to the CCSA (Caravan Club of Southern Africa) and is one of six regions in the Western Cape. The five remaining regions being Cape Western, Disa, Tygerberg, Tafelbaai and Boland (see Links below).

We have a membership of 68 and average approximately 30 families at a rally.

We caravan at least once a month, visiting different caravan parks in the beautiful Western Cape. Our aim is for our members to enjoy a sociable, relaxing weekend with family and friends, forming new friendships and making wonderful memories for our children. Fun events are organised by the marshals for the weekend.

From time to time tours are arranged, resulting in a wonderful camaraderie experience, travelling to any part of South Africa. For previous tours, click HERE

Why not come and enjoy the outdoors with us and see for yourself what caravanning with GOOD HOPE is all about!


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If you would like to join the Good Hope ‘family’ you can contact the  Secretary by emailing:



Membership fees are a once-off joining fee of R133 and an annual fee of R400.


Postal address:

The Secretary

Caravan Club of Southern Africa

Good Hope Region

41 Rooseboom Street

Bothasig 7441


Every month a rally is planned at a different caravan park. And every month there are two or three families who offer to marshal for the weekend, planning fun activities, socializing around a camp fire or whatever takes their fancy.


NEXT RALLY is De Hollandsche Molen Rally and the marshals are the Committee families.


For details of the De Hollandsche Molen Rally and the other Fixtures, click HERE


Kidz Corner

At every rally there is some fun activity arranged by the marshals for the children, varying from craft making, to organized games, to treasure hunts, beach activities and much more … all dependent on the venue and of course the time of year.


On Sundays, two moms kindly run Sunday School for those who would like to participate.


For more info, have a look at

Kidz Corner